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MUR Training for Pharmacists

Welcome to MUR training, the online resource that helps pharmacists practice their MURs. This website has been developed by practising pharmacists to help pharmacists who want ideas on how to develop their MUR skills. There are several case scenarios for you to work through, accompanied by the main MUR points and the MUR outcomes. There are also videos showing MUR snapshots.

I hope that these videos will not only provide guidance on conducting MURs, but also give you ideas on ways of delivering MURs. The MUR case scenarios are based on real life cases, but all names and details of patients and doctors are fictitious. Each case presents a scenario and list of medication, followed by the option to view the MUR main points, outcomes and completed MUR form. Some of the cases also have a video demonstrating one possible way of approaching that particular MUR. Once you have worked your way through a case scenario then please take 30 seconds to complete a short survey. This will assist us in targeting areas for improving and developing cases.

For a more comprehensive list of how to tackle MURs in patients with specific conditions, then please refer to the book “Medicines Use Reviews – a Practical Guide”, by Susan Youssef, published in May 2010 by Pharmaceutical Press. This book is an ideal adjunct to the cases you’ll find on this site.

In the near future, pharmacists will be able to send their own MURs for inclusion onto the site. All cases selected for contribution to the site will be credited to those supplying them, unless you would prefer not to be identified. I would also be delighted to welcome your views and comments for developing the site, which can be emailed at enquiry@murtraining.co.uk.

I do hope you enjoy using this website and very much look forward to hearing from you.

Susan Youssef

E: susan@murtraining.co.uk

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MUR book by Susan Yousef

Medicines Use Reviews
A Practical Guide
First edition
Susan Youssef - Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
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